Dental implant «NCT»
developed by a resident of The SKOLKOVO
Narayama LLC Russia, Moscow, SKOLKOVO
1. The implant surface «NCT»
The main key advantage of this dental implant is nanostructured composite coatings based on carbon or otherwise diamond-like carbon film (AUP). And this is a new round in the development of implantology in General. Since one of the main tasks of all developers is to create a biocompatible coating on intraosseous implants for stable and long-term use. The use of AUP for this turned out to be the most promising.

The first studies of biological compatibility of AUP appeared in the 90 -s of the last century. And at the moment there are many publications and results on this topic, but unfortunately they have not yet found mass practical application. With the exception of the dental implant created by the company-resident of SKOLKOVO, on the basis of patented technologies in IPM RAS.

Patent for invention
The search for practical application of the AUP is also carried out in Russia. Institute of metal physics. M. N. Mikheeva Ural branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Yekaterinburg, together with the Institute of traumatology and orthopedics. Chaklina G. Yekaterinburg have been conducting these studies since the early 2000s. The first results of the AUP application were obtained in traumatology, where the main development of this technology took place. But also conducted research in the field of dentistry. As the topic of using AUP is explored, a number of scientific
articles appear. For example, in 2011 there was an article "Integration of bone tissue into porous titanium implants with diamond-like nanocoating" Genius of orthopedics №4 2011 in 2015 there was an article "Application of nanostructured implant coatings for transosseous osteosynthesis of false joints, complicated osteoparosis" Bulletin of traumatology and orthopedics of the Urals 1-2 2014

The result of the work of a team of scientists and practicing doctors was a patent for the invention received in 2015
"a Method for manufacturing intraosseous dental implant with carbon nanocoating".

The next step, in 2016, was the publication of Makarova E. B., on the basis of the Institute of traumatology and orthopedics. Chaklin, dissertation for the degree of doctor of medical Sciences "EXPERIMENTAL validation of
replacement of BONE DEFECTS with POROUS TITANIUM IMPLANTS WITH a NANO-CARBON-containing non-resorbable
". In his work, the author uses about 60 scientific papers and the results of 10 patents obtained
on this topic. With autoreferatul can be found in open sources.

Some brief conclusions from this abstract:

the composite "porous titanium - diamond-like nonresorbable carbon film" (Pt14o (a-C)) is an osteoinductive material that stimulates reparative osteogenesis by increasing the number of osteogenic cells; fibroblast-like elements proliferate, differentiate and produce an extrocellular matrix, forming a single structure of cells and extracellular
matrix components lining the pores of implants; reparative osteogenesis is activated in the early stages of observation and dystrophic changes in bone segments adjacent to the defect are reduced; the use of " porous titanium implants with diamond-like films and myelocaryocytes " minimized local inflammatory response, bone marrow and lymphoid organ response to implantation.

In simple words, this coverage:

  • it has antibacterial properties;
  • reduce the risk of rejection when they are fixed in the bone bed by
  • inhibiting the growth of biofilms;
  • does not cause bone resorption;
  • provides full bio-inertness of the metal base of the implant;
  • activates osteogenesis;
  • it has osteoconductive, osteoinductive properties;
  • accelerates osseointegration.
2. Implant shape «NCT»
This implant contains all the best that is at the moment, namely:

  • hybrid design combining a reduced diameter in the cervical region and the combination of a cylindrical part with a cone-shaped design in the apical part, which gives optimal load distribution throughout the implant body;
  • the combination of several types of thread, which gives excellent primary and secondary stabilization;
  • standard cone 11 deg. that allows you to use the tool and orthopedic components from any similar system such as INNO, Osstem, Dentium, IMPRO, Dentis, etc.
This implant design is patented and has a patent for a utility model.

Patent for useful model
3. Implant certification «NCT»
Based on the received patents, preparatory activities were carried out to obtain the permission of the Ministry of health and in March 2019 the company received a certificate for a medical device.

At the moment, more than 100 implants with this coating from different manufacturers have been installed. Implants were installed to volunteers.

There are ready cases of Dr. Kiparisov.

Registration certificate